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The business establishment outline

Division name Overseas division (Sanyo Pharmaceutical HBC Hong Kong Branch)
Office FLAT/RM 19c Lockhart centre, 301-307 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
The number of employees 4 people(current as of February, 2019)

Business policy

The consumption trend of Chinese tourists has changed to domestically manufactured medicines and cosmetics in recent years, and it can be said that it is highly reliable for Made-in Japan, as its recognition is increasing. It will be. With inbound consumption rapidly increasing, Sanyo Pharmaceutical HBC Overseas Division wants to grasp the buying trend of overseas tourists and connect it with business opportunities.
The distinctive feature of Japanese medicines and health foods is “Ease of use besides ease of use.” Japanese products emphasize not only the effects of the products themselves, but also “general consumers who do not have specialized knowledge to use” and “whether they find it convenient to use them”, especially for elderly people and children. In some cases, the device is designed to make it easy for even the elderly to take the jelly type and to take medicine, and it is easy to take it freely. Etc. are also devised.
“If you go to a duty free shop drugstore where Chinese people visit a lot,“ Liquid safflower is a very convenient product for a housewife who does water work in the kitchen. The children are also delighted to drink because the character is drawn or the fruit smells like, and although Japanese herbal medicines originated from China, the package is novel, beautiful, and has a detailed explanation So there are many places where you will meet tourists who shop while having conversations such as “convenient and safe.”
We will continue to select Japan’s top medicines and health food products from the 13,000 products handled by Sanyo Pharmaceutical HBC Co., Ltd., with a focus on “safety, security, high quality, health and delicate taste”. And, by focusing on delivering to Chinese consumers, I would like to become irreplaceable to support the health of Chinese consumers.

Office summary

Division name Overseas Division (Shenzhen Feng Business Co., Ltd.)
Office 〒200336 Shanghai International Trade Center, 2201 Yan’an West Road, Shanghai
Business content Internet general mail order site management

Business policy

In addition to safe, secure, high-quality Japan’s top domestic medicine and health food, we will supply European and American supplements to Chinese consumers by utilizing the system of personal import agency service.

Business content

Business content Business content
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